23 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips and Rules for Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your health and well-being. Without sufficient zzz’s every night, you end up feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, and forgetful. There is a range of factors that can affect how well you sleep, for example, nightly routines, exercise, and gut health. But did you realise that your sleeping environment can also have a profound effect on the amount and quality of sleep you get?

What is Feng Shui?

It is an ancient Chinese art that involves reading and interpreting the forms and constructions in an internal space. The aim is to avoid negative influences.

Feng Shui actually means wind water and refers to the fluidity and flow of the world around you. It is most commonly associated with arranging spaces in specific ways to promote energy’s natural flow.

Practitioners of this ancient art believe that harmony inside a room attracts positive energies. These positive energies bring joy, love, fortune, wellbeing, and good health.

23 Top Bedroom Feng Shui Tips

A bedroom that’s poorly arranged blocks positive energy. However, Feng Shu is about so much more than how you arrange your furniture. If you want to create a feeling of harmony in your bedroom, here are some things you should try.

1. Get a full-size bed

This will allow chi to circulate beneath the bed, foster a peaceful night’s sleep, and create a feeling of togetherness between partners.

2. Get a headboard

A sturdy headboard without any holes or bars will stabilise you when you’re in bed and foster a feeling of connection with your partner.

3. Place your bed in a commanding position

Your bed should not be directly in line with the door, and you shouldn’t be able to see the door if you’re lying in bed. A commanding position creates a sense of stability and safety.

4. Take care with your mirror placement

There are opposing views about mirrors in the bedroom. For example, some consider an oval or circular mirror to symbolise the continuity of a relationship and aid the flow of chi. Others say that a mirror shouldn’t be placed in front of your bed. The best place for a mirror is where you can see a reflection of who’s entering through the door.

5. Under your bed should be clutter-free

Anything you store under your bed can transfer its energy to you. The advice from feng shui experts is to clear out the clutter and allow energy to flow freely while you sleep.

6. Use relaxing colours

Relaxing colours include earthy tones such as brown, blue, and green. These are colours that can help you relax and soothe your eyes.

7. Make your bedding an investment

Choose bedding that feels good. Organic cotton is perfect because it contains no toxins. It’s also going to be breathable and soft. Look for bedding with a thread count of 200 to 400. When it comes to pillows, don’t use too many as it’ll make your bed feel overcrowded.

8. Ditch the electronics

Electronics in the bedroom is a no-no. Smartphones, TVs, and laptops can all disrupt your sleep.

9. Include plants

Plants are fantastic to have in the cozy bedroom. The colour green is very soothing and puts you in a good mood. Plants can also help energise you in the morning.

10. Allow for natural airflow

Natural airflow will help the chi flow naturally, thereby helping you achieve prosperity, happiness, and health.

11. Steer clear of windows

For a good night’s sleep, you should place your bed away from the window. Lots of energy can leak out from a window, and this will weaken your personal energy.

12. Sleep at the back of your house

Sleep at the back of the house, and you’ll find it much quieter. Your sleep will be disrupted less because there’s likely less vehicular and human traffic.

13. Don’t sleep above the kitchen cooker

Some think that sleeping above the kitchen cooker brings bad energy, disturbing your sleep and leading to issues with your health. It’s also going to make your bedroom temperature hotter than normal.

14. Avoid sloping ceilings

A sloping ceiling may make you feel uneasy or claustrophobic. A canopy bed may help reduce the feeling of being compressed.

15. Don’t hang things above your bed

Something hanging over the bed could make you feel uncomfortable because you don’t feel completely safe. Remove the item and hang it somewhere else.

16. Work and sleep is not a good mixture

Keep any work-related items out of the bedroom. Work and sleep are not happy bedfellows. It could impact on the quality of your sleep, lead to work-related sleep, and you may have problems switching off at the end of the day.

17. Block out the light with curtains and blinds

The smallest amount of light can disrupt your sleep patterns. Even low levels of light can penetrate your eyelids and impact your biological clock.

18. Have two bedside tables

Two bedside tables, one on either side of the bed, will create symmetry and balance.

19. Maximize airflow

A key element of Feng Shui is nature. Incorporate the natural world by ensuring maximum airflow.

20. Incorporate natural elements

You can also incorporate the natural world by including items that help to reduce the number of synthetics.

21. Move your bookshelf

Too many books in your bedroom will create confusion and be a distraction.

22. Keep doors and drawers closed

Closing doors and drawers will make the room look tidier and lead to less confusion.

23. Low lighting for optimum relaxation

Bright lights will keep you awake and could disrupt your sleep pattern. The same applies to artificial lights as they create light pollution.

With these Feng Shui bedroom tips, you’ll get a better night’s sleep. Then, in the morning, you’ll wake feeling more relaxed, less stressed, and full of energy for the day.

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