21 Best Bedroom Colours - Bedroom Paint & Walls Ideas

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Would you like your bedroom to be a place you can retreat to after a long day? You can solve both these problems with the clever use of colour.

Use the right combination of colours, and your bedroom will feel mood-boosting and energizing. You can update your bedroom in just a few days, and painting is one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to do it.

There are thousands of shades and colour combinations to choose from, but don’t lose any sleep because the following bedroom colours, tips, and ideas will inspire you to take action.

1. Create a lavender oasis

If you want the colour to be understated, shades of lavender will bring calm, serene energy to the room. Muted pastels work well but keep things interesting by including contrasting finishes, shapes, and textures.

2. For a touch of femininity, choose pink

Are you aiming for whimsical? Blush pink is a very feminine colour to choose, and if you pair it up with mauve, beige accents, dusty rose, and creamy tones, it’ll bring everything together to create a light and calming space.

3. Peach and dark accents

Peach is a very versatile colour. You’ll find it works well with almost any other shade or material. A dark accent wall or black rug, for example, will really stand out and help to bring the space together.

4. Beige doesn’t have to be boring

Many people consider beige to be boring, but it’s not necessarily the case. Pale shades, for example, can be versatile, subtle, and warm. Beige creates a light and airy feeling, and every time you set foot in your bedroom, you’ll love it.

5. The perfect shade of yellow

Yellow is a bright, sunny, and cheerful colour, but it’s not always easy to find the right shade for your modern bedroom. Marigold could be just what you’re looking for as it pairs magnificently with green and blue accent pieces.

6. Give your bedroom an edge with smart use of grey

If you want to give your bedroom an icy, soft edge, light grey is the answer. Use elegant, gold touches to bring things together. Other shades that work well with light grey come from the jade or olive colour palette.

7. Elegant and soft minty green

This soft and elegant colour will bring attention to any space. It pairs well with black or brown, regardless of the furniture you choose for your bedroom.

8. Choose sage green and be bang on trend

This emerging colour trend is perfect for the bedroom because it’s subtle, soft, and creates a serene vibe instantly.

9. Make a statement with blue

Choose a vibrant, rich blue for an accent wall, and it’s bound to make a statement. To ensure it stays the focus choose to pair it with minimal and simple decor.

10. Bare plaster walls are a growing trend

If you don’t want to embrace this trend, you can create a similar effect using paint. It’s done by using a cloth or textured sponge to apply lighter colour on top of a dark or white paint shade.

11. Paint a dado rail to add height

This effect helps to give your bedroom height but also makes the space feel bigger.

12. If your bedroom faces east, choose natural Aquas

Soft Aquas include shades of blue and green, both of which have a natural affinity to the light effects in an eastern-facing bedroom.

13. Pick shapes

Choose to paint a shape on the wall, and it’ll provide some interest in a sophisticated and fun way. Circles are a great idea, but go with whatever shape suits your style and bedroom.

14. Warm tones create a cozy vibe

A classic bedroom should feel warm and inviting, and you can create this by using warm tones such as brown, orange, or terracotta.

15. Black for ultimate drama

Black might be a very dramatic colour, but it does actually work and manages to create a feeling of being cocooned. Contrast it with simple off-white linen.

16. Or make a statement with a dark ceiling

Allover black takes a lot of commitment, but if you’re not quite ready for such drama, you can still make a statement by painting the ceiling dark.

17. Use shading to emphasise features

Show off certain features by choosing a lighter accent shade to paint around it.

18. Geometric is really trendy now

All you need to create your own geometric design on a wall is a paintbrush and a roll of tape. White walls can be the canvas, while cute pastel shades add the finishing touch.

19. Bring in the sunshine

If your bedroom faces north or south, you might appreciate a bright colour on the walls. Choose earthy rather than citrus tones and team it with black accessories and white woodwork.

20. White is the new black

White is a colour that never goes out of fashion. It might seem like a revolutionary painting idea, but it’ll make your bedroom look crisp and clean. You can always add a splash of colour with your choice of bed linen and accessories.

21. Colours to avoid

The colours you choose can affect your emotions and mood as well as contribute to the room’s overall design. If you want your bedroom to be restful and relaxing, the following colours are the ones to avoid:

  • Red can raise a room’s energy levels

  • Vibrant yellow will stimulate your senses

  • Dark browns can make a bedroom look confined and gloomy

  • Lime green is too bright and vibrant

The best bedroom colours are really a personal choice, but the ideas in this list should give you some inspiration. One of the most popular colours in recent years has been grey. However, more recently, people have been choosing to add colour in the form of dark colours, pinks, and sage greens.

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