Our factory is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to allow completely bespoke furniture built from design to manufacture. Our factory is in operation around the clock with our skilled craftsmen on shift patterns throughout to ensure we keep up with demand for our expertly assembled furniture. All furniture is quality checked before leaving our factory and built with industry leading fixings and hardware.




1. CNC Machining Centre

Our CNC machining centre is responsible for producing all the component parts we use throughout our manufacturing process. We use the latest diamond tooling technology from our suppliers in Germany. This enables us to create components to the highest degree of accuracy and an unparalleled finish.

2. Edge Banding

Edge banding is applied to all exposed edges on all our products. Unlike some of our competitors who leave some unseen edges exposed. We believe that the overall life span of our product is significantly increased by applying edge banding to all edges regardless as to whether they are seen or not.


3. CNC Doweling Machine

All our solid timber dowel fittings are drilled and inserted using our automated CNC doweling machine. With provides the solid structure we pride ourselves in. Built not only to look great, but to stand the test of time. 

4. Panel Sawing

All of our furniture is made bespoke and cut to the designed sizes using our state-of-the-art panel saw. This machine allows exact sizing to the desired millimetre, ensuring our assembled furniture fits perfectly. 


5. Cabinet Assembly

Our finely produced component parts are assembled by our team of skilled cabinet makers. Each piece is inspected before being assembled into the solid structure that will then be delivered. 

6. Delivery

After final quality inspection is completed our finished products are loaded and dispatched by our warehouse team.


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We know that buying a new Kitchen or Bedroom can be an extremely difficult decision. So why don't you let our experts help you through the difficult decision making processes. Our experts can advise you every step of the way from design to install. Whether you need help with the design style, advice on worktops or what appliances would suit your style of cooking, we are here to help.